Gentle Musings is dedicated to upholding feminine beauty, strength, and goodness.

“Our greatest strength lies in the gentleness and tenderness of our hearts.”

In a cold-hearted, selfish world, a powerful strength lies in a gentle, virtuous heart. In knowing our own weaknesses, we can submit ourselves to God and conquer. We should remember it was Esther, in her sweetness, who swayed the bold king and saved her people.

It was Joan of Arc who, without killing one individual, led an army of brazen men to victory.

And it is our Blessed Mother, who is all goodness and purity, who will crush Satan’s head.

For women, there is a unique courage and strength that is found in our heart, in our soul, and in our ability to love. Our cold world tries to rob that from us; it is time to stand against bitterness. It is time to be truly liberated, and we can only do that by being truly feminine.

We can be the smartest, most brilliant, astounding souls alive, but if we can love and show love in the face of trial, we will be unstoppable.

St. Paul reminds us, “It is when I am weak, I am strong.” That is because God works His greatest miracles through the weakest, gentlest hearts.

In our womanly gentleness lies one of the world’s greatest strengths.

All we need to do is embrace it.